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Jazz Trumpet

Balázs Szalóky


Thanks to Balázs Szalóky's family as musicians, he was able to gain an insight into what it means to be a musician from a young age. The interesting thing is that most members of the family are classical musicians, but Balázs met a lot of jazz musicians at a very young age thanks to his father (Béla Szalóky), who is an excellent jazz musician. He respects and loves both genres equally. This led him to the decision to move to Manhattan to study at The Juilliard School after graduating from the Weiner Leó School of Music. As he was the highest scorer among the applicants, he was awarded the Jerome L. Greene Fellowship to begin his studies in New York. Thanks to the city, he was able to learn a lot about jazz while pursuing a degree in Classics at Juilliard. For example, he got to know one of his idols, Wynton Marsalis, a multiple Grammy-winning trumpeter, and Jon Erik-Kellso, a leading figure in New York's traditional jazz scene. One of the most interesting of these was as a guest of the Modern Art Orchestra, a Hungarian orchestra, where he played the premiere of László Melis' trumpet piece "Uncle Melis' Tales of Pepin" as soloist with the great orchestra in Washington and New York.

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